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"Nikki is such a vibrant and energetic person who encompasses both factual information with personal experiences and anecdotes that makes for master classes and conferences that are engaging and genuinely enjoyable."

Taskya Pillay



Launching Woolworths Online

The Bookmarks Awards

Driving digital adoption in SA

Landing the CEO position

Selling my first business

Going global in my  career

Launching The Digital Team


Inspire. Innovate. Lead.

June 2022 - October 2022

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July 2023 - November 2023

December 2023 - April 2024

May 2024 and beyond

After steering Virgin Active through the challenges of Covid and a daunting Ransomware Attack, I chose to break free from the corporate world. This decision led to a life-changing journey, traveling to the picturesque beaches of Europe for nearly four months. My journey spanned 21 locations across 8 countries, each offering new perspectives and inspirations. It was during this period of exploration and learning that the concept for The Digital Team emerged, birthed one night in a hotel room on the other side of the world. This venture was not just a new beginning but a culmination of experiences and a global perspective that I was eager to bring into the digital arena.

During my travels, an exciting opportunity arose with my first client, Betway, a business led by an exceptional leader. It was a perfect match, and I had the privilege of guiding them in solidifying their strategy, overhauling their marketing structure and plans, and integrating new technologies. As my plane touched down in Cape Town, another thrilling venture beckoned. T+W, a well-known agency, reached out. They were crafting the SA20 brand and needed a robust Digital Team to round out their solution. I stepped in with a dynamic strategy, rallied a team of top-notch professionals, and together we embarked on launching the inaugural SA20 cricket league, marking another significant milestone in my journey.

As word of mouth spread, my business flourished, attracting new clients facing a range of challenges, from relevance issues to limited digital integration and more. This growth sparked the idea to formalise our business identity and unique methodology. Being an avid sports enthusiast, I've always admired the parallels between sports and life — the importance of team collaboration, robust leadership, strategic play, competitive spirit, and the drive to win. Thus, 'The Digital Team' emerged as the ideal name, encapsulating our essence: a team of top-tier professionals united to deliver innovative strategies, exceptional marketing enabled by the latest technology. 

As my business expanded, I realised the growing need to reach a wider audience of entrepreneurs and business leaders who could greatly benefit from our unique approach. We stand distinct from traditional agencies or corporate consulting firms; we're a cohesive team dedicated to helping businesses and brands grow and adapt for the future. To bridge this gap, I launched The Digital Team Academy, offering Masterclasses on a monthly basis. These sessions proved to be a hit, allowing me to connect with and aid hundreds of ambitious, driven individuals in strengthening their business plans, implementing effective marketing strategies, and leveraging the right technology to bring their visions to life.

With the new year, our confidence in our approach has soared, and we're enthusiastically engaging with clients who open up fresh opportunities for us. These collaborations aren't just about showcasing our skills; they're a testament to our commitment to 'always learning, always growing.' Our global expansion has been a leap forward, marked by launching an innovative gym concept in Australia. We've successfully taken a local product to the international market and revitalised local brands with our exceptional go-to-market strategies. This growth not only signifies our reach but also solidifies our ability to effect real change across diverse business landscapes.

Looking forward, my aim is to spearhead global growth, innovate more go-to-market strategies for founder-led businesses, and explore avenues to scale the business further. While I haven't set an ultimate goal (yet), my focus remains steadfast on delivering exceptional work and laying a strong foundation for the business, underpinned by the right culture and values. If you're intrigued and want to learn more, or if you're considering how we can collaborate to elevate your business, I encourage you to get in touch or continue exploring here. The journey is ongoing, and the opportunities for growth and learning are boundless.

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