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Mastering the Art of Time: How I Multiply My Hours to Excel at Everything

Welcome to my first blog post! As many of you might know, I juggle several roles in my life—I'm a mother of four, an entrepreneur, a wife, a runner, a daughter, a sister, and a staunch feminist. In each of these roles, I strive for excellence. My goal? To be perfect in every endeavour, whether it's parenting, partnering, running my business, or just being myself.

Over the years, I've developed a strategy I like to call "multiplying my time." It’s about maximising each moment. I divide my day into dedicated blocks, each focused intensely on a specific aspect of my life. The morning is for my business, The Digital Team, where I channel my energies into driving growth and innovation. Midday, I tackle my personal to-do list, managing the myriad details that keep life running smoothly. And the evening is sacred—dedicated to family time, from helping with homework to enjoying dinner together and nurturing those essential connections.

I've always been a planner by nature. It's how I find comfort amid life’s chaos. Planning gives me the structure I need to focus and succeed. Brené Brown once described herself as a "gold star" person, and that resonated deeply with me. It's not just about external validation, but about meeting my own high standards and feeling that inner glow of achievement.

By strategically segmenting my day, I can excel across multiple dimensions of my life. This approach doesn’t just help me manage—it helps me thrive. And in that thriving, I find profound satisfaction. This is how I win at the game of life, finding joy and fulfilment in the balance. Join me on this journey, as we explore ways to not just manage our time, but truly multiply it.

Nikki Cockcroft

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